Friday, February 12, 2016

Upgrade from 14.04 32 bit Ubuntu to 14.04 64 bit ubuntu

I recently received a notification from Google Chrome that updates would be ending in March, 2016 for the 32 bit version of Chrome.  Running a 32 bit version of Ubuntu 14.04, I had to switch to a 64 bit version of Ubuntu.

I had an Encrypted Home Directory In Ubuntu, but I had another 119 Gig partition available and empty on my 256 Samsung SSD.

Login to old 14.04 32 Bit Ubuntu OS partition:

dpkg --get-selections > ~/Package.list
sudo cp -R /etc/apt/sources.list* ~/
sudo apt-key exportall > ~/Repo.keys

Install 64 bit Ubuntu to Other Partition

Login to 14.04 64 bit Ubuntu on Other Partition

(I want to Preserve my playonlinux settings to run windows programs and preserve play(Acrobat 10, Word 2010) so I install it.)
sudo apt-get install playonlinux  
Open Playonlinux - Let it completely finish setting up.
Close Playonlinux

Make sure the other drive with your old files is mounted.  Click on the drive icon in Ubuntu to Mount and then open terminal and type:

sudo ecryptfs-recover-private

Either enter 32bit user password or, if unavailable passphrase generated from 32 bit command ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase
I tried using Ubuntu Backup and it would break X and make it crash while overwriting the home directory.  I tried looking into ways to make deja-dup not crash and while I did find a method using gksu, I eventually resorted to using screen.
sudo apt-get install screen
sudo cp -r -a -v /tmp/ecryptfs.XXXXXXXX/. /home/user/ 
Ubuntu automagically logs you out when some particular file is overwritten in your home directory.   Log back in and open terminal

screen -r 

Once complete, install old packages:

sudo apt-key add ~/Repo.keys sudo cp -R ~/sources.list* /etc/apt/ sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install dselect
sudo dselect access
sudo dselect update
sudo dpkg --set-selections < ~/Package.list
sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade -y

Open PlayOnLinux

Reboot the computer

This got me back pretty close to my old installation.  I'm fairly certain that the majority of my packages are back, but also there is an issue.