Saturday, January 19, 2013

Georgia Super Speeder - Class Action

Graham Syfert is currently taking contact information from potential clients interested in Georgia Super Speeder representation.

If you are a resident of Florida, or any state other than Georgia, and have received a notice which states that your license may be suspended for a failure to pay an extra $200.00 on top of your traffic ticket, Mr. Syfert is currently putting together a list of clients for a possible class action suit against various entities within the State of Georgia.

The first thing you will need to do is visit
 and enter your information.

Second, please gather the materials that you have collected (Your ticket, any letter or demand for payment provided by DDS) and provide it to Mr. Syfert at or fax it to 904-638-4726.  By submitting your information, no attorney client relationship exists, but attorney client confidentiality does.  This is not a guarantee that any case will even occur, but collection of this information is the first place to start.  Mr. Syfert intends to consult with other attorneys on this matter, and may enter into an agreement for joint representation with other counsel in these matters.

Of particular interest is anyone who actually had a license suspended due to a failure to pay the super speeder fine.  I would like to talk to a few people who had this happen.  Mr. Syfert is licensed only in Florida and Georgia, and cannot give you advice on how to challenge Georgia's suspension of the superspeeder law if you are the resident of another state.

I wrote an earlier blog post regarding the double jeopardy aspect of the Georgia Super Speeder law.  I hope to challenge this soon in a criminal matter.  While researching the matter of the constitutionality of the Super Speeder law, I came across something interesting.  The legal theory is still being developed, but I don't see any reason why it is not a good argument.

My Grandfather died on I-95 in South Georgia.  He is someone that could have benefited from the extra revenue the Georgia Super Speeder law (O.C.G.A. section 40-6-189) .   He would be rolling over in his grave if he knew that there was another fine on top of a fine that was already paid.


  1. Are you still looking for people to testify on this?

  2. I am a Georgia resident and got a superspeeder ticket so I am not a good candidate for what you're looking for but if you can challenge this unjust law, Mr. Syfert, you will be a hero to myself and many other people in and around Georgia. It is shameful to charge such an exorbitant fee for speeding where no other crime or accident occurred and I am frankly embarassed for my state.

  3. I am a Florida resident. Got a ticket in Adel on 75. Nowhere on the ticket did it mention my fine would double if I paid it. I understood that paying it was an admission of guilt: I never denied speeding, but this bait and switch tactic has me a bit miffed at the backwards legal system in Georgia. I paid my ticket, that should have been the end of it. Couldn't come up with the blood money in time, so now my license is suspended in Georgia. Now there is an additional $50 fee to reinstate. I will pay it eventually. In any case, if this were a business, they would have been shut down for unsavory and felonious business practices. In Florida it's called bait and switch.

  4. I got a ticket for doing 86 on 75 in Tifton. I paid the ticket because I live in Florida and could not get back to GA to go to court. I received a super speeder ticket a month later. So if i understand Ben Pace correctly. Will my licenses only be suspended in GA if don’t pay the additional 200.00

  5. Suspended is suspended. I don't know about other states, but if you live in Florida and get a mark on your license in another state, it's as if it happened in Florida. I paid Georgia their blood money and got my license released from these bloodsuckers. I think there was an additional $50 reinstatement fee. If they had told me in advance or put it on the ticket, there would have been no question: I would have seen it coming, but they hit you with it AFTER you have already paid the ticket and thinking everything is done and over. Surprise. Georgia cops don't have enough brains in their heads to be allowed to have this information, let alone how much your ticket is going to be - you have to wait 5 days to even find out what you owe. I'll tell you, those bastards in Adel have a real racket going on there. City limits straddle 75, so that portion falls within the city limits. I would gather that if you could make it beyond the city limits, they would be out of their jurisdiction and could no longer follow, which is why they like to get people northbound, since southbound is less than a mile from the city line and northbound is a good five miles or so. They stand on the overpass with radar guns and the cars wait in line on the off ramp. From Florida state line to Macon, I would be sure to keep my cruise control set at speed limit and let everyone else get nailed around you, since you know what's there now.

  6. Issue with ticket received. Not certain I will get a superspeeder ticket. I was In McIntosh county Georogia, officers are issuing tickets and increasing the speed to try to include the superspeeder fine. I was pulled over when I was traveling at about 74-76 miles an hour. first thing office states to me is that I was driving 87... I was like WHAT!!! I never drive over 80. It's a scam and abuse of power. I would be willing to also give a statement. My ticket occured Nov 2014. Have not received the notice yet about super speeder but can see from the post on NMA site that I am not the only one this has happened to.